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Now I can ... be an artist again

As she worked to overcome paralysis caused by a stroke, Mary Ann Gallé of Brandon thought her art career was over.

Then a Methodist Rehab therapist put a paint brush in Gallé’s hand and showed the creative spirit she could still express herself. “And I felt like I had become alive again,” she says.

Grateful to be back at her easel, Gallé donated 17 of her paintings to help raise funds for the Jackson hospital’s Wilson Research Foundation. It’s her way of supporting Methodist’s mission to bring the latest in evidence-based medicine and therapeutic care to stroke survivors. 

“As I watched them work with me and other stroke victims, I found it fascinating,” she said. “I was right in the middle of a place that was doing research and also helping in the healing and recovery process. Donating the paintings was the only way I knew to give back.”

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