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Navigation Program


About The Navigation Program

The Navigation Program is a fully operational clinical service of Methodist Rehabilitation Center with two dedicated resources to work with our patients. The purpose of the Navigation Program is to facilitate the transition of persons with traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) or traumatic brain injury (TBI) from inpatient rehabilitation to the home and community setting. This is achieved through regular follow-up contacts to ensure that all needs of persons with TSCI or TBI are more fully and timely met. Relevant education is also provided in order to reduce the occurrence of secondary complications. Achieving the goals of The Navigation Program is expected to improve the quality of life in persons with TSCI or TBI.



  • Ease transition from rehabilitation to home settings
  • Guide goal-setting and decision-making processes
  • Ensure regular follow-ups and access to health care
  • Facilitate access to available resources
  • Assist resource providers
  • Empower persons to take greater control over their lives
  • Increase satisfaction with life


The Navigation Team

The Navigation Program is managed by the Navigation Coordinator, who serves as an advocate and a primary contact for a person with TSCI or TBI. The Navigation Coordinator and the person with TSCI or TBI work together on defining the individual needs and setting the specific goals. The Navigation Coordinator seeks input from other members of the care team, including a physician, nurse, therapist(s), psychologist, social worker, and case manager, to determine the best course of action for achieving the set goals. On the other side, the Coordinator works closely with representatives of state-wide organizations providing resources to persons with TSCI or TBI. The Coordinator navigates a person with TSCI or TBI through the network of resource providers within the state of Mississippi in order to help meet identified needs timely and efficiently.


Who is Eligible to Participate?

Any person with a spinal cord or brain injury resulting from trauma (e.g. motor vehicle accident, fall, violence, etc.) and who received services within the Methodist Rehabilitation Center system of care is eligible for The Navigation Program. Both persons with recent and long-standing traumatic spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries are eligible to participate.


What can the program do for service providers?

The Navigation Program does not aim to replace services already offered in the community. Instead, the purpose of The Navigation Program is to facilitate the process of accessing available resources and coordinate activities between a person with TSCI or TBI and different resource providers.  Specifically, to:

  • Facilitate communication between the person with TSCI or TBI and resource providers
  • Coordinate provision of services between different resource providers
  • Assist resource providers with accessing necessary documentation
  • Provide reminders about scheduled appointments



Amanda Griggs, LMSW - TSCI Care Coordinator

Phone: 601-364-3342

Morgan Franklin, LMSW - TBI Care Coordinator

Phone: 601-364-3403

Address: 1350 E. Woodrow Wilson Ave., Jackson, MS 39216