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Now I can ... be there in times of need

Lawerance Williams of Jackson knows the challenges of adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury. While a senior at Murrah High School, he damaged his spinal cord during football practice. While a patient at Methodist Rehab, Lawerance learned how to live a full and active life as a wheelchair user.
Today, Lawerance provides peer support at Methodist Rehab as part of his AmeriCorps service through LIFE of Mississippi’s Project LINC (Linking Individuals into Neighborhoods and Communities). He draws from his own experiences to help spinal cord injury patients transition into their new lives. He’s living proof that they are not alone.

“I know that what I’m doing is going to help somebody,” Lawerance said. “Hearing from someone in the same situation helps to show them that adjusting to life in a wheelchair is possible. It’s not just something you read about or hear about from someone who has never been through it.”

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