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Now I Can... cater to my customers.

General Manager Michael Thomas has been a fixture at Jackson’s Broad Street Baking Company for over 19 years. But when he ignored the realities of living with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, he nearly lost the ability to serve his loyal customers.

“I was stubborn,” Thomas said. “I didn’t like the side effects of my medication. So instead of talking to my doctor, I just stopped taking it. Then one night it all came to a head—my speech started slurring, and I was dizzy and couldn’t hold myself up.”

Thomas had a series of mini-strokes. They affected his right side and left him unable to walk. Through inpatient therapy with Methodist Rehabilitation Center’s Stroke Recovery Program, Thomas regained his strength. He’s now back to work at Broad Street dishing out the deliciousness that has made the eatery a local institution.

“I’ve always been skeptical about doctors and hospitals,” Thomas said. “At MRC it was completely different. The attention and care I got there was remarkable.”

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