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Now I can ... continue my life's work

“My work is my life,” says psychologist Dr. Gladys Dinkins Johnson, who heads Jackson’s Wellington Institute. Adults and children in crisis turn to her for help with issues like grief, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and post traumatic stress disorder.

After suffering a stroke that impaired her ability to walk, talk and write, Dr. Johnson found her own life and career in crisis. So she turned to Methodist Rehab for help. After two weeks of intense inpatient rehab, and through a continuing regimen of outpatient therapy, she is back on her feet and has returned to work helping others through tough times.

“It’s wonderful what Methodist Rehab is doing for me,” she said. “I went there in a wheelchair that I couldn’t get out of without assistance. They worked diligently with me and encouraged me that I would get better. And I have as you can see.”

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