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Now I can ... follow my calling

Mar’Shanna Graham was happily on her way to a nursing career when tragedy struck. During her senior year at Mississippi College, a tangle of abnormally connected blood vessels burst in her brain, causing a hemorrhagic stroke.

After surviving a risky surgery and six days in ICU, Graham came to Methodist Rehabilitation Center determined to prevail over her paralyzed right side.

“Within a week’s time, my baby was taking steps and walking and talking,” marveled her mom, Ann Graham. “I said, ‘Lord, you are working out miracles through my baby.’”

After months of intense inpatient and outpatient therapy at MRC, Graham realized her dream of going to nursing school. Now, she hopes to become a nurse practitioner who specializes in neurological conditions.

‘I think I’ll have an amazing impact because I can relate to my patients,” she said. “I can tell them you are going to be OK. I’ve been through the storm and God creates the most beautiful creations in the storm.”

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