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Now I can ... spend time with family

 With seven children and 14 grandchildren, Dr. Ray and Judy Lyle hoped to spend a lot more time with family after retirement.

But struggles with pain threatened to make the Ridgeland couple’s retirement a sedentary one.

“We adore our grandchildren,” Judy said. “I couldn’t get on the floor to play with them. Pain from my back caused so many other pains, any time I tried to do anything it hurt.”

“I had a lot of aches and pains I was dealing with too,” said Ray, who was a longtime Starkville pediatrician.

Searching for relief, the couple found an answer at Methodist Pain & Spine Center in Flowood. There pain management specialist Dr. Bruce Hirshman recommended the latest non-invasive procedures combined with a physical therapy regimen to address their issues.

Today both Ray and Judy are living pain-free.

“I simply am a new person,” Judy said. “It’s really given me my life back.”

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