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Now I can ... walk my daughter down the aisle

After a debilitating boating accident, Dan Smith of Madison County had to make quick work of his recovery.

His daughter, Sarah, was getting married in less than seven weeks. And he was determined to be by her side.

“Any father wants his daughter’s wedding day to be just like she wants it,” said the lawyer for the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office.  “And she was pretty intent on me participating as best I could.”

An occupational therapist for Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, Miss., Sarah knew her father would benefit from MRC’s expertise treating patients with traumatic injuries. And eight days after entering MRC, Smith was well enough to escort Sarah down the aisle with the aid of a walker.

The moment meant “everything,” Sarah said. And don’t think Dad didn’t realize as much. “It was one of my motivations for trying to get better,” he said.

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