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Now I can ... walk with my peers

When Michael Shelby suffered a spinal cord injury, trauma surgeons gave the athletic teen dire news.
“I was told I would never walk again—I would never move again, probably,” he said.
But it was a different story at Methodist Rehab, where an experienced medical team worked with the hospital’s in-house researchers to expertly evaluate Michael’s potential. Their comprehensive assessment revealed Michael had the capacity to regain function and gave his rehabilitation team the knowledge to craft a successful treatment plan.
On graduation day, Michael walked with the rest of the Mendenhall High School Class of 2012. Now he’s college-bound and wants to become a physical therapist.
“Having to go through what I went through, being at Methodist was just a really good experience,” he said. “In some ways, I wish it wouldn’t have happened, but I’m glad it did because it got me closer to God.”

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