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Admission Guidelines

Admission Guidelines

Admission is based upon consideration of a number of variables, including room availability, the facility’s ability to provide all services needed by an individual, an individual’s physical and emotional state, and an individual’s anticipated compatibility with existing facility residents. Factors considered in determining the appropriateness of admission include:

  • The applicant is severely disabled to a point that consistent and frequent clinical intervention by skilled medical and/or nursing personnel is required.
  • The applicant is medically stable and requires, at a minimum, a skilled nursing facility level of care.
  • The applicant’s medical care needs can be met by Methodist Specialty Care Center.
  • The applicant does not require special care for a severe psychiatric condition.
  • The applicant’s emotional behavior demonstrates that he or she can live for an extended period in a group environment without causing adverse health, safety or quality of life concerns for other individuals in the facility. Representatives acting on behalf of a resident must also demonstrate behaviors determined to be non-disruptive to the group environment, including facility staff.
  • The applicant, in accordance with the Olmstead Act, is evaluated and a determination is made that Methodist Specialty Care Center is the least restrictive setting available for his or her level of disability.
  • The applicant is evaluated and a determination is made that his or her highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well-being will not be met in other settings not specifically designed for the severely disabled.
  • The applicant’s age may be considered as one factor, but not the sole factor, in determining the appropriateness of admission in light of the center’s mission, capabilities, normal operations and current residents.
  • The applicant or applicant’s representative has demonstrated the ability to pay for the services of the facility through private resources, insurance or other medical benefits.
  • The resident’s financial sponsor may have other requirements.

In addition, an applicant meeting one or more of the following criteria will be given admission priority status:

  • Current or former patient of Methodist Rehabilitation Center
  • Mississippi resident
  • Current patient of a facility having a rehabilitation services affiliation agreement on file with Methodist Rehabilitation Center; or
  • Currently situated in an inappropriate environment that may be detrimental to the person’s emotional or physical health, welfare or quality of life