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Now I Can... be an all around athlete.

Whether he’s running for Junior ROTC, racing with his mountain bike team or teeing up a golf ball, 14-year-old Cris Hairston stays active. So imagine his dismay when he broke his left femur in a February sledding accident.

Lucky for him, his dad, Kyle, works at Methodist Rehabilitation Center, which has the seasoned staff and advanced technology to get athletes back in the game.

At Methodist Outpatient Therapy in Ridgeland, Cris worked out on an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill.

“Not scared to try new things”: Madison teen overcomes femur fracture with help of NASA-inspired, anti-gravity treadmill

Before heading to work during February’s ice storm, Dr. Patrick Wright spent the morning pulling sleds behind his riding lawn mower.

It was great fun for his family. But Mississippi’s rare sledding weather proved treacherous for some rookie riders.

By afternoon, Wright and three of his colleagues were treating a blizzard of broken bones at Children’s of Mississippi in Jackson.

“I think I fixed about a half-dozen fractured legs in just 48 hours,” said the pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

'There he is, that's my kid': Picayune family counting blessings as son overcomes brain injury suffered in hit and run

Nov. 24 was the most thankful Thanksgiving ever for the family of Picayune’s Gavin Miller.

Just a week before, a hit-and-run driver crashed into the 17-year-old as he was walking to a school bus stop.

A resulting head injury left his mother, Hesper Miller, worrying: “Is he going to be like himself afterwards?”

“He’d wake up, and it would just be a blank stare,” she said. “Thanksgiving day was his first good day. He was awake and alert and I said: ‘There he is, that’s my kid.’ He was making little jokes, and I was so happy.”

'The Lord was watching out for me': Flora hunter grateful to be walking again after suffering several fractures in 22-foot tree stand fall

On Oct. 24, Jody Jones of Flora added irony to injury.

While trying to remove an unsafe tree stand, he fell 22 feet to the ground.

The impact crushed his right heel and fractured his right femur, pelvis and some vertebra in his spine.

Still, Jones feels fortunate. “I don’t know how I landed like I did. I should have landed flat on my back or head,” he said. “The Lord was watching out for me is all I can say.”

‘He’s my miracle baby’: Expectant mom tossed by tornado works hard to overcome injuries, return home to preemie

Hailly Bernard’s story could be headlined: Mother Nature vs. Mother-To-Be.

In the wee hours of Jan. 11, the eight-months-pregnant 18-year-old was sent flying by the force of an EF-3 tornado in Drew.

The experience earned her the nickname Dorothy from her physician at Methodist Rehabilitation Center and a ton of respect from her therapy team.

Faster and better: Methodist Orthotics & Prosthetics offers free screenings for Bioness L300 Go, an advanced neuroprosthetic device for controlling foot drop

It’s been over seven years since Stevelyn Robinson was paralyzed in a school bus crash, and he hasn’t stopped fighting. He continues to progress through regular physical therapy at Methodist Outpatient Therapy in Ridgeland.

With the help of a walker, the Winona native walked across the stage at his 2016 graduation from Holmes Community College. Now a student at the University of Mississippi, he is working hard so he can do the same again.


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