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Volunteering at Methodist

Volunteering at Methodist

At Methodist Rehabilitation Center and Methodist Specialty Care Center, our dedicated volunteers are an essential part of our team. Each day, they visit patients/residents in their rooms and work closely with the staff in departments throughout the hospital to provide much-needed services.

While volunteers don’t earn an hourly wage, they are compensated in other ways. The rewards of volunteering include socialization, opportunities for learning and the satisfaction you get from helping someone out of the goodness of your heart.

Volunteering also offers students age 17 and older opportunities to learn about careers and to get a taste of what awaits in the world of work. For many students, volunteer hours are required for graduation. By choosing the right place to volunteer, students can turn a requirement into a good experience with benefits for years to come.

Our volunteers are valued and appreciated as a vital part of daily operations. Volunteers can earn hours toward their community service project and have the opportunity to learn about the many careers in healthcare. No matter the interest or talent, there is a place for you as a Methodist Volunteer.

Total voluteer hours, July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017: 17,513.47
Total volunteer hours, July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016: 10,520.12

Just a few of the needs our volunteers fulfill:

  • Staffing the gift shop (all profits go to the Wilson Research Foundation to fund research for brain injury, spinal injury and stroke).
  • Staffing the information desk. 
  • Escorting wheelchair patients/residents to therapies.
  • Assisting patients/residents with meals.
  • Visiting patients/residents and reading and writing letters for them.
  • Acting as host for social gatherings at the hospital.
  • Assisting with and developing activities.
  • Decorating for special events and holidays.

Our volunteers have received numerous awards for their work:

  • 2002: Twice awarded Daily Points of Light Award
  • 2004: American Institute for Public Service’s Jefferson Award—Jerry Bowles
  • 2006: Mississippi Healthcare Association Volunteer of the Year—Amanda Fontaine
  • 2006: Daily Point of Light Award—Amanda Fontaine
  • 2007: Mississippi Healthcare Association Volunteer of the Year—Jill Tular
  • 2011: Mississippi Healthcare Association Volunteer of the Year—Junior Auxillary of Rankin County
  • 2011: Millsaps College Student Employee of the Year— Brittany Ector
  • 2012: Senior Adult of the Year Award—Anita Bonar
  • 2015 Volunteer of the Year (Mississippi Hospital Association)—Charlie Lott
  • 2016 Goodwill Industries Salutes Volunteer of the Year—Charlie Lott
  • 2016 Volunteer of the Year (Mississippi Hospital Association)—Betty Palmer

If you would like to make a difference in someone's life by volunteering at Methodist Rehabilitation Center or Methodist Specialty Care Center, please fill out the form below and our volunteer director will contact you.

Methodist Rehabilitation Center Volunteer Services