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Unless otherwise noted, CE courses are offered at the BankPlus Conference Center located on the second floor of Methodist Rehabilitation Center.

March 26

Rehabilitation for the Post COVID-19 Patient


Dr. Jennifer Villacorta

Kathleen Dobbs, PT, NCS

Boon Ong, PT, DPT, NCS

Olivia Waddell, PT, DPT, NCS

General Description

This lecture will provide a discussion of severe COVID-19 progression, sequelae experienced by some patients, the rational for rehabilitation following acute care “stabilization” and considerations for progressing the post COVID-19 patient with exercise, mobility and functional activity.


Virtual Attendance with Continuing Education is available through GOTO meeting for this event. To attend virtually, contact us at 601-364-3550 or to register, ask for the activity link, and request an evaluation. To receive credit for virtual attendance, you will need to complete and return the evaluation.