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Ways to Donate

Wilson Research Foundation Giving Levels

Visionaries $500,000 +
Pillars $200,000 - $499,999
Pioneers $85,000 - $199,999
Sustainers $25,000 - $84,999
Partners $5,000 - 24,999
Fellows $1,000 - $4,999
Friends Up to $1,000


10 Ways to Give

  1. A gift of cash 
  2. Memorials and honorary gifts: A gift or pledge may be designated in someone's honor or memory. We will promptly send a letter to the honoree (or family) and we will publish your honor/memorial gift in the hospital's award-winning magazine.   
  3. Bequests: You can remember the Wilson Research Foundation in your will with a bequest for a percentage of your estate or a specific amount of cash or property. 
  4. A Qualified Charitable Distribution from your traditional IRA: This is a wonderful way to give if you are age 70.5+. You can donate your annual required minimum distribution and deduct it on your taxes, which will lower your adjusted gross income and reduce your taxes. To give in this way simply requires filling out a form for the company that manages your IRA. Contact our Executive Director (see below) for information about the Wilson Foundation you will need for the form, or for help with the process.   
  5. Gifts of real estate or property: The advantages include eliminating capital gains taxes and deducting the fair market value of the gift. One option is to transfer a deed to the Wilson Research Foundation while retaining the right to live in and use the property for life. In that scenario, the donor receives a current charitable deduction based on life expectancy and the value of the home or property. 
  6. Gifts of stock: To make a gift of securities, contact our brokerage firm: Merrill Lynch/Parker Wealth Management at (601) 607-7656 or (800) 937-0882. Two-fold tax savings result from stock gifts: You avoid paying capital gains tax on the increase in value of the stock since purchase, and you receive a tax deduction for full market value.
  7. Bank accounts and CDs: You may name the Wilson Research Foundation as the beneficiary once you pass away.  
  8. Charitable trusts: With a lead trust, you "lead" with a gift to the Wilson Research Foundation and the remaining assets go to your family, which has estate and gift tax advantages. With a remainder trust you or your designated beneficiary(s) will receive income for life or for a period of time (up to 20 years), then the "remainder" of the trust comes to our Foundation. You receive a partial income tax deduction.
  9. Life insurance policies: This offers significant tax savings. Mr. Wilson, the namesake of our Foundation, utilized life insurance policies to bless several of his favorite causes. 
  10. Volunteer Service: Support our mission with your time and talents! (Note: onsite volunteer opportunities have been limited since the pandemic, but we are working to build back up.) 

Gift Acceptance: The Foundation officers serve as the Gift Acceptance Committee, reserving the right to decline a gift that may not be consistent with our mission or values, those that have potential liabilities, or those that would be too difficult/time consuming to manage or divest. Also, at this time, the Foundation is not set up to receive cryptocurrency donations.      

Questions? Contact Chris Blount, the Foundation's Executive Director, at (601) 364-3598 or e-mail 

"With your help...there are no limits." Earl R. Wilson (founding chairman of Methodist Rehabilitation Center)

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