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Methodist Specialty Care Center honors its top volunteers

Published on April 18, 2014
Carey Miller
Health and Research News Service

Patricia Powers of Pearl is the recipient of Methodist Specialty Care Center’s Volunteer of the Year award.

Karen Edwards of Flowood, left, and Keandra Robertson of Jackson, right, both received Methodist Specialty Care Center’s Volunteer Spirit Award, along with Treva Bradley of Jackson (not pictured).

Members of the Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County who were honored with the Outstanding Volunteer Award are, from left, Tracy Short, Kathy McDill, Nikki Robison, Dana Byrd, Melinda Palmer and Elizabeth Wilson. Not pictured are Kelli Nicholson and Brandi Stuart.

Methodist Specialty Care Center in Flowood, Methodist Rehabilitation Center’s long-term care facility for the severely disabled, recently honored its outstanding volunteers.

“Our volunteers do so much to enrich the lives of our residents,” said Robby Scucchi, director of volunteer services at the center. “We are very fortunate to have volunteers like our honorees who day after day, week after week, hour after hour, contribute their time to the facility.”

Patricia Powers of Pearl was named Volunteer of the Year.

“She has been dedicated to assisting our residents and has been an inspiration to us all,” Scucchi said. “She also volunteers at Methodist Rehab’s seating clinic, orthotics and prosthetics clinic, and the hospital’s gift shop—but I wish I could have her all to myself.”

Powers recently helped one of the center’s residents obtain his GED by accompanying him to class three days a week, all the while maintaining her own class schedule, family schedule and working.

“Methodist holds a special place in my heart,” said Powers, whose oldest son is a paraplegic who rehabbed at MRC after being injured in 2001. “Life should be lived to the fullest each and every day, and Methodist Specialty Care Center gives their residents an opportunity to do just that. It is such an honor and privilege to be a part of such an amazing organization.”

Recipients of the Volunteer Spirit Award include Treva Bradley of Jackson, Karen Edwards of Flowood and Keandra Robertson of Jackson.

“Their dedication has been a great inspiration to me knowing that they all three have careers, families and other obligations, yet they still respond to the call when assistance is needed,” Scucchi said.

Together, the three have given over 550 hours of service to the center.

“What I love about volunteering is knowing they’re smiling when I leave,” said Robertson, whose mother, Bobby Robertson, is a certified nursing assistant at the center.  “Most of the time, if I miss a day or two they will ask for me and that touches my heart.”

Lastly, the Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County (JARC) was recognized with the Outstanding Volunteer Award for its members’ contributions to the program.

“They are a group of women that truly know the joys of volunteering,” Scucchi said. “Their cheerful disposition and caring attitude endear them to our residents.”

The JARC has been supporting the facility since 2005, while the current volunteers have donated around 880 hours in the past year alone.

Those honored are Tracy Short, Kathy McDill, Nikki Robison, Dana Byrd, Melinda Palmer, Elizabeth Wilson, Kelli Nicholson and Brandi Stuart.

Byrd, who is the Caring Friends project co-chair for the JARC, says a “passion for serving others in the community,” drew her to Methodist. A stay-at-home mom, she says she also volunteers at seven other organizations in the area.

“The reward of volunteering at Methodist is the smiles on the patients’ faces when they see you,” Byrd said.

For more information about volunteering at Methodist Specialty Care Center or Methodist Rehabilitation Center, contact Robby Scucchi, CDVS at 601-420-7769 or